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Lament for the Terrible Fictional Character, Percy What

Back in 2007, I created a character called Percy What, or as I called him “Doctor What.” He was made to be a parody of Doctor Who – the joke was that, of course, in Doctor Who people ask the … Continue reading

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Yoshi’s Story

Ever since he first appeared in Super Mario World, Yoshi had been a very popular character. Not only did he become a core part of the Super Mario games (appearing in most of the games in some capacity) but he … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading a book of haiku recently and I’ve really been quite moved by it. So I thought I’d try my hand at it. Here are a few that I wrote myself. Cold winter evening, Moon shines down upon … Continue reading

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Life Priorities

There are a lot of things which contribute to our overall happiness. Careers are definitely one of them. Having said that, I personally think that my career only contributes, maybe, 10% to my overall satisfaction with life and it surprises … Continue reading

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Asexual Perspectives by Sandra Bellamy

A lot of people aren’t even really aware that asexuality exists, so I have the utmost respect for Sandra Bellamy for creating a book specifically to help people understand it. Essentially, what she’s done is ask forty-six different asexual people … Continue reading

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When I take my lunch breaks, the part I find the most exciting is when I’ll visit the local bookshop. Personally, I find bookshops much more exciting than other shops and I think there are several reasons for this. First … Continue reading

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WarioWare: Twisted!

When games use motion controls and other gimmicks, there’s always an element of concern going in. It will either be really intuitive and will help to enhance your overall gaming experience or it will feel forced and just make things … Continue reading

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