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Kirby Super Star

I’d played a few early Kirby games and I thought they were alright, but it was when I played Kirby Super Star that I realised it was a franchise with enough quality to stand side by side with the ‘giants’ … Continue reading

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The Writing Catalyst

This is probably a sign of the fact that I am still a rather amateur writer, but I find that whenever I read a different author, their writing style has quite an impression on me. It’s kind of like I … Continue reading

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Ironically, despite being called Helmet the helmet featured in the game is so inconsequential that it may as well not appear at all. In fact, it would probably make more sense if your character wasn’t wearing a helmet – then … Continue reading

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Joys Within Reality

Something I love doing when I’m at home by myself is playing video games. I’m sure the fact that there are literally hundreds of reviews on this blog does a good job of illustrating that point. Similarly, I very much … Continue reading

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Darkness and Light

There’s a lot of darkness in the world. As much as I like to try to be an optimistic person and keep the tone of this blog generally optimistic – this is a fact that I simply cannot ignore. If … Continue reading

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

There’s one thing that people probably know about this novel before going in, because there’s one single feature which seems to have resonated in our public consciousness: the idea of a man who does not age, because he has a … Continue reading

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Running in the Dark

A few months ago, I started going on an evening run most days. I used to go to a gym, but then I stopped that for money reasons and went to Wii Fit, but then it ended up being unbearably … Continue reading

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Parallel Moments

In October 2016, I came to the end of a job which I did not enjoy very much. When I left, I accidentally left behind a yellow smiley face stress ball which I was quite fond of. It was especially … Continue reading

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