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50 Pop Funko Figures I’d Like to See

Something I really enjoy is the range of Pop Funko figures. It’s cool to see so many different characters from different mediums and backgrounds all being recreated and presented in the same way. It reminds us that everything is truly … Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch)

Since the Wii U was a bit of a failure, it seems like a lot of the games which were originally exclusive to it have jumped onto the life raft that is the Nintendo Switch in order to extend their … Continue reading

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Super Mario 3D World

I don’t know why, but Super Mario 3D World never looked that appealing to me. I just thought it seemed like a rather generic Mario game, so for a long time, I just didn’t buy it. Earlier this year, I … Continue reading

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Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version

Though I have been a fan of the franchise since the beginning, somehow or another I ended up skipping over Pokémon Gold & Silver. It was a shame because I knew that a lot of people regarded the second generation … Continue reading

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Fighting Street

I had often heard people talk about Street Fighter II as if it were one of the best games ever made – a real classic, but strangely I never really heard anything at all about the first Street Fighter (a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed

I feel like a lot of my video game reviews start with me saying that such and such a video game franchise was one I always wanted to play, but never got around too. Well, guess what? Assassin’s Creed was … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now?

Over the years, I’ve known a lot of people – and I’m not just talking about friends. A lot of the blog posts here on Trusty Water Blog are about strange one-off encounters I have with unusual individuals who I … Continue reading

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John Dies at the End by David Wong

On one hand, I want to say that this novel is a “comedy horror” but on the other hand, I worry that describing it as such would put people off, because things like the Scary Movie franchise have made comedy … Continue reading

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Midnight Rescue

Around a year ago, I was out on my evening walk. Things were running a little later than usual (due to sibling-related delays) and it must have been somewhere between 10:30pm and 11pm when this anecdote took place. I was … Continue reading

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Around ten years ago, I started using the phrase “wickedsick.” For those who may not be entirely familiar with the meaning of that word, it’s a cool way of expressing that you are happy with something. I remember that it … Continue reading

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