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90s Video Game Heroes and Me

Let’s take a look at the 1990s. During this time, Donkey Kong was at his peak. His new games were coming out at a faster rate than they were before or after and they were of the highest quality. There … Continue reading

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Life Priorities

There are a lot of things which contribute to our overall happiness. Careers are definitely one of them. Having said that, I personally think that my career only contributes, maybe, 10% to my overall satisfaction with life and it surprises … Continue reading

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Crushes and Squishes

I’ve recently been reading a book about asexuality and through it I’ve been introduced to a fairly interesting concept – the “squish.” And what is it? Well, I think it’s best to explain by comparing it against another concept that … Continue reading

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The Many Mes

Today I was catching up on the blog of a good friend of mine. It’s all about her experiences teaching English as a foreign language in China. I’ve mentioned it before. Anyway, in one of the blog posts, she mentions … Continue reading

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Has anybody heard the latest conspiracy theory? Well, apparently a random internet user was accidentally sent a voicemail which consisted of a computer voice saying random letters from the phonetic alphabet which then spelled out this mysterious message “Danger SOS … Continue reading

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Internet Friend Communication

Over the years, I’ve made a couple of internet friends who have then gone on to become “real life” friends. In so doing, I have noticed quite an interesting pattern in regards to communications and it might only apply to … Continue reading

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Wasting Money

Recently, I have been quite low on money due to various reasons. Now that I can’t really afford any luxuries, it makes me look back to when I can and, in so doing, I reflect on what I think was … Continue reading

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Message Seen

I’ve noticed that a lot of people consider it quite rude to not reply to a message on Facebook or other social media. Either they’ll feel very bad if they don’t respond to somebody or they’ll worry that somebody is … Continue reading

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Do Meaner People Care More?

There’s a video going around social media that claims that the meaner somebody is to their friends, the more likely they are to care a lot about them. Or, at least, that’s how it’s always presented. When you actually watch … Continue reading

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Dominant Voice

Working in a call center, as I do currently, I take a large number of phone calls each day. Sometimes these customers have had experiences which have lead them to feeling stressed and disgruntled. As much as this kind of … Continue reading

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