The Writer’s Curse

I am currently in the process of looking for a new contracted job. I’ve been freelancing for almost a year now, but my work is starting to dry up. As much as I appreciate freedom, I also require money in order to continue to function as a person in our society, so I have to find a more solid type of work.

Ideally, I’d get a contracted writing job, but they’re kind of rare. As such, I’m also applying for lots of general administration and office-based jobs. These are things I know I could do very easily, but they’re also the kind of jobs I hear back from less often. When I do have interviews for them, they tend to say “You know this isn’t a creative job, right?” and I feel like they’re worrying that I might leave them for a writing job as soon as I can.

While I would always prefer a creative job, I’d really just be happy with any job and my creative desires would be satisfied with my blog and other writing projects. I think I could be quite happy in a non-writing job, but I don’t think employers trust that. And that, I believe, is the writer’s curse: there’s not much writing work, but employers for other roles won’t want you, because they’ll know you want a writing job!

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