Fitness Instructor

I don’t really do all that much exercise – just a few runs throughout the week. I should probably do more, but a lot of my time is taken up with eating ice cream and pizza, so there’s not much more room in my schedule. Anywho, for today’s blog post, I wanted to share the story of the greatest fitness instructor I ever knew.

Earlier this week, I was out on an evening run. Quite often I will go through the woods on these runs – they’re quite peaceful and actually I find it less tiring to run in complete darkness. The wooded area that I run through isn’t too far away from the train tracks which run through Corsham and as I was running along, a train drove past me. The noise of the train caused a rustling in the bushes as, presumably, an animal had been scared by the sound.

It was at that moment that I met them. The fitness instructor I referred to in the introduction of this post. You may wonder what a fitness instructor was doing in the woods, so I’ll be honest with you, the fitness instructor was this ambiguous animal. And in what sense was it a finess instructor? you ask – well, allow me to explain.

As the scared animal ran out of the bushes, it stopped right in front of me, so I narrowly avoided it as I moved around it. Once I had passed it, I heard that it was starting to run after me. Rather than risk getting my ankles bitten by an angry badger (if it was a badger) I decided to quickly sprint so that I could outrun the creature – and I did. Never before has any living being persuaded me to run so quickly, which is why I consider this the best fitness instructor I have ever had.

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