Job Interviews

I’ve had a handful of job interviews recently – one of which was successful. What surprised me, was that while I thought that a few of them had gone well, many didn’t even respond to tell me I’d done badly. I thought that, at very least, a stock rejection email would have been appropriate. I was disappointed that so many of them had just left it up in the air and not given me a response, even after they’d told me that they would.

But today I was given what I would call the golden standard of interview responses. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get the job (which is a shame) but I was very pleased with how they let me know. I was left a voicemail, where they told me that I’d been unsuccessful, but that I’d come across very well in the interview and they said that they didn’t think that I should be disheartened. They said that I could call or email if I wanted some more detailed feedback on the interview and sent me an email just in case I didn’t get the voicemail.

I feel like once an employee has been interviewed, the employer should really do them the courtesy of giving a proper response. This was the best response I’ve ever had to an unsuccessful interview and it left me with a very positive impression of the business. It’s good to know there are businesses like that out there.

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