Fire Safety

I’m back! You may have noticed a lack of posts last week and there’s a reason for that – and it’s a little more exciting than me being too tired or busy to write anything. Although before you get your interests piqued, there is a strong emphasis on the words “a little” before “more exciting.”

On Monday evening, when I returned home from work, I plugged in my laptop’s charger so that I could use it. Unfortunately, the light did not turn on on my laptop and it seemed the charger was not working. I thought that maybe it wasn’t plugged in properly, so I took hold of the cable to look a little more closely – then I heard a fizzing sound and saw that part of the wire was on fire.

I dropped it, since it was near my hand, and it fell on the floor. I took a tentative look at it, concerned that that little fire may have spread, but instead I just saw the wire laying severed – each end smoking peacefully. I’ve had a few laptops over the years and a few more laptop chargers, but I’ve never known anything like this to happen.

Naturally, I ordered a replacement right away. When it arrived, it didn’t actually fit my laptop despite saying it would online, so I thought about sending it back, but then decided against it when I saw how pathetic the packaging was – this clearly wasn’t created by a business with many customers. They probably needed that £10 more than me. So then I ordered another one and now here we are.

I sometimes have weeks where the ideas for these blog posts don’t come so readily, but ironically I had loads of ideas last week. But it doesn’t matter, now that I have a new charger I can get back on track and continue to provide you with what I hope you will regard as top notch internet content.

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