A Dramatic Change of Taste

I generally like most food (so long as it’s vegetarian friendly). In fact, over the years, a few people have commented that I tend to describe an allegedly unusually large amount of things as “delicious.” Speaking of which, I recently decided to try a type of jalapeno flavoured vegan cheddar cheese. A nice combination of things, I thought, and something that would doubtlessly go very nice in a toasted sandwich.

So I bought the vegan cheese and then the next day used it in a toasted sandwich. As expected, I loved it. It was delicious. I started having it in a sandwich every day for lunch. Roughly a week went past and before long, I didn’t have much left. On the morning I expected to be eating the last of it, I woke up with a strange feeling. I didn’t want to eat any of it. The thought of eating any more utterly repulsed me. I felt like I’d actually be sick if I did eat it. This was odd, because I’d never found myself suddenly hating something before.

I thought to myself “I guess I just don’t want it today” and I didn’t have it. Days went past and now I don’t think I ever will eat the last of it. Whenever I think of it, it’s as if I’m thinking of a really disgusting food. It’s interesting, I think, in that it shows how fickle our sense of taste is. Just like that, we can find we don’t like something. Likewise, I’m sure, we can find that we suddenly do like something too. Our sense of taste can change just like that. There had been times with me previously where certain foods had become less exciting because I’d had them so many times, but I had never gone from loving something to hating something in the space of a day.

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