Drinks Selection

I don’t really like to drink alcohol. I mean, I don’t avoid doing so entirely, I just prefer soft drinks by quite a bit. As a result of this, I’m often quite disappointed to see that there’s always a much larger selection of alcoholic drinks than of soft drinks. It just seems to be a fact that there are more alcoholic drinks on the whole.

But why is that? Are alcoholic drinks just so much more popular that businesses don’t see any profit in the production of more soft drink options? I assume that this is the reason, which must, in turn, be a reflection of the popularity of alcohol in our culture.

I feel like having a drink when you’re thirsty can feel so much nicer than eating food when you’re hungry. I guess it’s just much more important for a person to be hydrated. I often feel that there’s not much selection when it comes to drinks in restaurants, which is a shame. Choosing something to drink that is non-alcoholic feels just as limiting as choosing something which is vegetarian friendly and I don’t think that that should be the case.

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