An Easy Thing to Take for Granted

When I meet a new person that I get along well with, I usually find myself thinking “I hope, one day, we’ll be old friends who go out to dinner together and confide things in one another” and the thought of properly befriending them and achieving that is one that’s really exciting and something I’m very keen to achieve.

I don’t think that with every person, of course, just the ones who I feel like I get on really well with, or the ones who I am particularly impressed by. Then, when I stop to think about why I have this perspective, it’s because I get so much joy from those types of relationships with the friends I already have known for a long time.

And the thing that’s easy to take for granted is that I have already achieved that lofty goal with several people. With my closest friends, I can remember exactly how it felt; I can remember really wanting to be able to meet them for dinners, to be able to confide in them and to have them confide in me. And I’ve achieved that. I have that amazing thing in my life. What I have is so valuable and I’m so lucky to have my friends. We all take things for granted sometimes and I like to remind myself not to do so – to remind myself that I have something that’s beyond any earthly value.

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