No Communication Needed

Communicating your thoughts and feelings is very important – I’m not going to argue against that. Often communication is the cornerstone of significant social interactions. However, sometimes I feel like communication is not really needed. For example, quite recently I hosted a Christmas meal with a number of my best friends. Looking back, I don’t really remember saying anything all that significant or sharing any meaningful communication, but it was just so nice to be around such a large number of people who I am so fond of. Sure, I was speaking to them, but really just about how excited I was. For me, just being around the people I like will make me feel a lot happier. I’m not really sure that there is a rational explanation. I could be sat in a room by myself doing a bit of reading, but if I were sat in a room with a friend doing a bit of reading I’d be a lot happier. Of course, talking to people is very nice and important, but sometimes it’s just nice to be around somebody and to share their company. Logically, it doesn’t make much sense because if you are not talking to a person you’re not drawing anything from your relationship with them, but I guess logic doesn’t necessarily tie into such positive emotions. If you have a friend whose company you can enjoy without saying a word, you have something very valuable indeed.

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