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With a global pandemic on, I’m not going out and doing things quite as often as I did before. This hasn’t made me bored, because I have plenty of books and video games to keep me occupied, though it has given me a strange craving for mysterious stories from around the world. So over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking up videos on various mysteries, ranging from everything from cults, to aliens, to ghosts to conspiracy theories. I’m a cynical person and these aren’t the sorts of things I readily believe in, but every now and then, it’s nice to suspend my disbelief and imagine that the blurry footage online is 100% genuine. Lots of the YouTubers I’ve been watching tend to be fairly cynical too and it’s just as enjoyable watching the methods they use to debunk things – although every now and then, strange things happen which nobody has a clear answer for.

Anyway, as I’ve been enjoying their content recently, I thought I’d recommend a few YouTubers who cover these subjects. The following are a few of my favourites:

  • Top 5s: This YouTube channel provides a real wealth of content. The videos tend to be a compilation of five different mysteries. The content ranges from obviously fake clips with a brief analysis to really in-depth discussions of real-life disappearances and all of them are treated with the same seriousness. Whatever the subject matter, I’ve enjoyed every video because the narrator has such a nice and calming voice.
  • Nexpo: The videos on this channel are based more on mysteries from around the internet – strange stories from forums, weird websites and so forth. This channel dedicates more time to individual mysteries and what I especially like about it is the fact that the creator of these videos actively gets involved with the investigations by contacting people and organisations involved.
  • Blameitonjorge: This channel has a stronger focus on popular culture than the other ones, so it includes strange things related to TV shows and movies, though it does cover things on the internet in a similar way to Nexpo. These videos are also more in-depth and I appreciate the level of detail.

Be warned (before you watch anything from them) that all of them do cover real life murders and disappearances sometimes. This can be pretty harrowing, so be prepared before you watch. I tend to avoid these kinds of things, but once accidentally saw a clip through Top5s which was footage of some teenagers joking around on a boat as it sank. They died hours later. It really upset me, so I do try to avoid the mysteries related to the deaths of real people. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy these recommendations – these channels have given me hours of good content!

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