Dream Life

If you had unlimited resources to spend on yourself, what would you do? To relieve yourself of guilt, in this hypothetical world, there are not urgent problems out in the world which you could solve with these unlimited resources – this is just the opportunity for you to create something lovely for yourself.

Personally, I think it would be nice to have a mansion where I had a special guest room for each of my closest friends. They would have nice, large double bedroom rooms with an en suite bathroom: lovely sort of places where they could spend time by themselves and/or with a partner! Then I could have people stay over whenever they wanted and every now and then, perhaps around Christmas time. I’d host a big event (maybe hire some Nando’s people to come around) with everyone invited and enjoy a nice long evening of delicious food and deep conversation.

In reality, with a couple of exceptions, I’m in fairly regular contact with all of my closest friends from throughout my life (as in, I won’t go more than six months without communicating with them in some way.) The older I get, the more valuable I realise time spent with friends is and I can’t believe how much my younger self took that for granted: but as we age, we learn and I like to think that these days I appreciate the time with my friends to the fullest extent. In this “dream life” the mansion with lots of rooms is merely a vehicle to facilitate my desire to spend as much time as possible with everybody in my life.

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