Time Flies Before Your Eyes

A few years ago, I worked in a primary school as an MDSA (Midday Supervisory Assistant). It was a pretty good job and although I was only there for a fairly short length of time, I can still remember many of the children quite clearly.

In fact, I spotted one of them on the bus just the other day. Obviously, they looked a little older, but it was easy enough to identify them. But then I realised, they were on the bus heading to college – and I’d known them when working in a primary school! At first I thought that they must be some kind of child genius, promoted up the ranks quickly for enormously impressive grades. But, no, the time that’s passed is long enough for them to be in their first year of college after their final year of primary school when I first met them.

When you’re in college (or sixth form, as was the case for me), the time between then and the time you were in primary school feels like a huge, insurmountable chasm. But now, the same length of time in a different period of life doesn’t really feel that long at all. I’ve always heard how life passes you by more quickly when you get older, but this is the most significant piece of evidence that I’ve had in my life…

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