Birthday Present

I apologize to any readers of my blog for not posting a new entry yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t have access to a computer for a long enough period of time to write one. Anywho, today’s entry is about two failed attempts of mine to buy a birthday present for my friend.
    I was invited to a birthday party but I was rather low on money so I wondered whether or not I should buy them a gift. I told them my problem and asked whether they would mind if I didn’t buy them anything. He said, kindly, that it would be fine if I didn’t buy him anything because he only bought me a really cheap gift for my birthday.  The ‘cheap gift’ that he had bought me was a delicious plank of chocolate so I decided that I would buy him one as well.
    The next day I brought two pound coins with me while I headed out to do my MDSA work at school. My plan was to head into town once I was finished and to buy him the chocolate then. However, while I was out on the school field picking up rubbish a young boy ran up to me and said “Can I have a pound please?” obviously he needed it importantly for some reason so I gave it to him.
    “Oh well,” I thought, “I can probably still buy him some chocolate with just one pound…”
    Once I had finished my MDSA work I walked on into town. When I was just outside the super market there was a charity collector standing at a table with charity buckets. I took out my wallet, thinking that I would just give him my spare change, when I realised that all I had in it was the pound to buy the chocolate. If I hadn’t given him the pound it would have been like wagging a treat around in front of a dog’s nose before putting it back in the cupboard, so I gave the pound away. I decided that the next day (the day of the birthday party) I would buy him the chocolate.
    Again I went through my day as normal and did my MDSA work. Once I had finished I headed up to the office where the litter picking claws are kept and put them away. As I left the office I came across that boy who had asked for a pound the day before I thought to myself “Ah well, if he wants another pound I can probably still get one with my other pound. All I need to do is keep my wallet away when I see the charity man…”
    “Can I have two pounds please?” asked the boy.
    So I was left with no money to buy the gift. In the end I bought him a drink at the party, but the moral of the story is this: always bring more money than you think you’ll need.
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