Things in life are constantly changing. I can’t remember the last time I had a ‘status quo’ which lasted for more than two years and even I feel that I change a lot from time to time. As such, I’m always quite pleased when I encounter any one of the three constants that I’d like to talk about in today’s blog post; they’re only small things, but the fact that they always happen is both comforting and heartwarming to me.
Back in 2010 I was in an English Language A Level class; I loved those classes, they were my favourite. The teacher once mentioned that there was a lot of (optional) work that we could do, and I said I happily would do it all and was even looking forward to doing so.
“It sounds like you’re very easily, amused,” she replied and it’s the first time I remember anyone saying that to me, but certainly not the last. When I visited my friend Mairi in London the following year, she also remarked that I was very easily amused and I quite liked that, since my teacher had said the same thing. I remember one of my first year university lecturers said the same thing about me and my friend Tülin often said it to me when I slept over when I was happy just sitting around doing nothing. When my friend David and I bought a pot of paperclips and spent an hour or so counting them to see if the pot had the correct number on it, I even found myself saying it, which is funny because I didn’t really think of myself as easily amused until everyone started saying it! Just a few months ago, when I explained to my boss at RomanCart how much fun I was having while I got on with something, he said “well, it sounds like you’re very easily amused.”
Back in 2008, while enjoying a holiday in Cornwall with a couple of my friends, I met one of their siblings for the first time, and because of my ‘accent’ they thought I was American. That was the first time I remember anyone making that mistake, and I’ve even made a whole blog post about it before, so I’ll just link to that rather than retreding old ground! Just a few weeks ago, this came up again at my new office at Futureproof Digital Media.
But I saved my favourite for last; over the years a lot of people have said to me “You’re a very positive person” or “I like your positive attitude” and it makes me feel very happy every time. What’s especially good is that people often say it to me out of the blue – when they do, I wonder why they said it, because I don’t realise I’ve said anything especially positive. A few people have even said it’s one of the nicest things about me – it’s very affirming to be praised so regularly about an aspect of your personality. Every time somebody says it, it reminds me of all the other times people have said it to me and makes me feel good about myself. This, and the two other things I mentioned, seem to be the three constants in my life which will always happen no matter how many people go away and how much circumstances change. This is nice.

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