Delayed Post and a Mysterious Bus Ride

You may have noticed that I did not update this blog yesterday. It might be the first time since I started that a  Friday has not seen a new Trusty Water Blog post. The reason? Today I attended the Summer in the City event in London and I decided to wait a day so that I would have something interesting to say about that. Or, at least, that’s what I decided I’d use as an excuse when it got late and I was tired and blog post-less. Now, however, I am tired again, so I will not write the whole day up but, instead, will save it for Monday’s post! The day was absolutely not what I expected and went very differently to what I had planned.
    I would like to give you a small anecdote, however, about something that happened right at the start of the day. I had to get up at 6am in order to catch my train on time and as there is not a train station in Corsham, I had to catch an early bus to Chippenham. Of course, I love riding on the bus and have written about doing so many times. As always the ride was fun and enjoyable. It reminded me of getting that bus to Chippenham early in the past, when I used to go to the Job Centre. I smiled happily, knowing those terrible days were behind me. Eventually, I got to the station and got off the bus, thanking the driver as I always do.
    “Cheers, Adam,” he said.
    I have no idea how he knew my name and was absolutely baffled. I like to believe, however, that since I have written about adventures on the 23I bus service many times before, that one of the bus drivers found out about it and told the rest of them. Those friends then loved the blog and the bus related posts and read regularly, hoping for more bus content. That must be how he knew my name.
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