Mysteries of the Wilderness

In my free time I quite like to walk to this huge nearby patch of wilderness, it’s very nice there. There’s a huge hill which goes down to a very big forest and field. As you can imagine, it’s a fairly isolated place. So I think it could be interesting if I write about some strange things that I have seen or noticed there.
    One day I was brought to a party that was just beyond this patch of wilderness and in another. It wasn’t a very nice party; it was just a group people who I didn’t know taking drugs along with two people I did know. So at around 10 p.m. I decided to escape from the party. I walked far away from it and then ended up in the main wilderness that I enjoy. Of course, it being 10 p.m., I got lost in the woods. It was pitch black after all. I wandered blindly about for quite a while, then after at least half an hour I heard somebody, who couldn’t have been that far away, shout out my name. It was a little frightening, because I couldn’t see anything at all. I quickly decided that it must have been one of the people I knew at that ‘party’ and continued to stumble about in the darkness… The people I knew who were at the party both say it wasn’t them.
    Anywho, onto the second strange thing about the wilderness. This was actually during the same night that I was lost in the wilderness, coincidentally. So when I finally got out of the woods and reached the open field (where the moon was bright enough that I could see) I began to walk away in the direction of home. But then, when I turned around to look at the dark woods behind me, there was a huge beam of light shining out from the middle of the trees, as if from some kind of search light… I have no idea what that was, why would there be a light in the wilderness?
    Finally, every time I’m at the top of the huge hill that leads down to the wilderness, I can hear the sound of very loud machinery in the distance, which seems to be coming from the trees. But by the time I get down there, I can hear nothing but birds quietly singing. I can never understand what I’m hearing.
    So that’s it, three crazy mysteries of the wilderness. Now, don’t get any ideas, I don’t think there are UFOs in the woods, or that the woods are haunted, or anything crazy like that. I think there are perfectly logical explanations to all three of those things… Perhaps, for example, the noise of machinery is actually from somewhere else and is carried by the wind so it sounds like it comes from the woods. I don’t have explanations for them really, but I’m sure they exist, nonetheless!
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