Physical Beauty

For quite some time, I had a personal rule that I would never make a comment about a person’s appearance. Of course, I would never have anything negative to say anyway but I also did not like to say anything positive. Why? Well, you see, I’d hate for anyone to feel that their value was in any way connected to their appearance. To be honest, it wasn’t a bad thought process.
    But I was wrong. As somebody with a level of anxiety related to their own body, I should have come to the conclusion sooner, but I’ve decided that the right thing to do is offer a light sprinkling of positive comments. After all, everybody is human and everybody has a body (heh) and I’m sure that everyone has at least the odd moment of doubt regarding their appearance. Positive comments from time to time are the kinds of things which can reassure people; whether they’re anxious about their appearance or not. Everybody should be able to feel comfortable about their appearance, and I feel that it is important to help offer reassurance; you can’t be sure whether somebody is full of confidence or anxiety and your little positive comments could go a long way.

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