Thanks to Rainbow Man, Colin has been revived after Dorium’s violent murdering of him. In real life, of course, Colin was accidentally broken, and now, with the help of David Tubb, he has been repaired, with John-Boy’s hat being used to hide the worst of the remaining damage. Since it was John-Boy’s hat, rather than any old hat, I decided I’d give him a second appearance in the Finger Puppet Show, despite last time saying it’d be a one off. This will almost certainly be his last appearance. I never really thought the hat suited John-Boy anyway and he was never seen wearing it on The Waltons (his brother Jason had one though). In fact, I’m going to use this strip to explain away the inconsistency of the John-Boy figure owning that hat, despite him never appearing to in any episodes: This strip takes place immediately prior to the first episode of The Waltons (The Foundling, rather than the pilot, The Homecoming, since the figure looks slightly more like John-Boy did in Season 1 than in the pilot) and so the hat was never seen, because Colin stole it before any of the episodes happen (again, not including the pilot, where I guess it was in the wardrobe!)… heh heh.  Although this does bring up the question of why Colin is suddenly in America in 1933 following his revival, and why he’s back home in the next strip, but let’s not take things too seriously 😀 Also, I guess I had better explain the joke, I’ve noticed that John-Boy has a slight tendency to quickly shout “What do you think you’re doing?” when somebody does something bad to him, and I like to imagine a cow stealing his hat would prompt him to say that (though I guess he couldn’t resist the chance to make a pun)!

EDIT: Sorry, it seems I posted the strip with quite a big error in it initially, it is fixed now though.

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