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_ (EDIT: Should you be new to this blog, I’d like to point out that I have changed my point of view on the matter discussed here. For a up to date look at this subject from me, click here. This entry now has no real importance.)

Well, I say this is ‘urgent’ news, but I found out about it before Christmas. At the time I didn’t want to post anything quite as gross as this entry is going to be, as I was writing only festive themed entries, then after Christmas I was more eager to write some fresher blog posts, but now I’m finally getting this ‘urgent’ news to you.
    I was talking to my friend Dalfino over the internet and he, as he often does, moved the conversation over to the theme of sex (much to my disliking). Usually he just says things which I can just zone out or forget about later on, but on this particular occasion he told me something I really find rather disturbing. Something that has altered my worldview somewhat and something that has made me dislike nightclubs even more…
    It seems, that there is no such thing as an innocent trip to the nightclubs; people don’t go there just to meet their friends, or to see if they sell pink lemonade. The only reason people go to nightclubs, Dalfino told me, is so that they can find somebody to have sex with! He introduced me to a whole concept called ‘casual sex’ which I’d honestly never heard of before, but which is apparently known to everybody… In the past, I’d always assumed that people went to the nightclubs so that they could drink lots of alcohol, and because alcohol makes you act silly, I thought they (rarely) had sex sometimes as a result of drinking it.
Don’t you think that that’s just horribly dehumanising though? When you meet somebody there you don’t think “Hmm, they seem like a nice person, maybe we could be friends” (as I would expect you would) instead you think “Hmm, they seem like an attractive person, maybe we could have sex “? I mean, when this happens, both the people are using each other as a means to happiness and not as ends in themselves (moral philosopher Immanuel Kant would be just as shocked as me!).
    Ah, but I don’t like to think about it too much, it’s still a concept that I’m not used to. I did speak to Elliott Egan afterwards and asked whether he knew if any of this was true, and he told me it was, but not to the extent Dalfino had told me, that only the majority of nightclubbers are minded in such a way….
    Just a little request actually, could you please leave a comment if you go to a nightclub without looking for some casual sex there? I’d be most interested to see how many of you that’d be…

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