I want to apologise for the large number of typos on my blog. The majority of these entries are written at roughly 6:10am and after I finish them I want to eat my morning porridge right away. As such, I rarely proof read anything which is posted on here. I suppose I rather arrogantly assumed that I’d only occasionally make typos and that it wouldn’t really be much of a problem. This evening, however, I went through several recent posts and found that all of them, but one, had at least one error in them. I corrected everything I found, but there still must be other errors throughout my entries.
    Therefore, from now on I shall take more care when writing my entries, I shall reread them and be sure to remove any errors. Whenever I read something and find a typo, I always find it rather jarring, so it’s rather hypocritical of me to be so careless with my own writing. Hopefully my typos will be much fewer from now on.
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