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Today, I’ve been kindly invited to write my first guest blog post for the Trusty Water Blog. Adam and I are very close friends, having met at university. I feel very privileged to write for Adam. If you have enjoyed Adam’s blog, I would recommend that you consider writing a guest blog post just as I am doing today, it’s a great experience and a pleasure working with someone so friendly.

So it’s come to this. A fresh new page on a word processor begging for pixels, and my title decrees a topic that oozes a bland mac and cheese served on cardboard. Sorry Adam. But here’s a question for you, the readers – What exactly do guest posts do for the writer? Why write guest posts?
   Guest posts benefit both the blogger and the writer. For the blogger – It means that their blog can contain an even greater variety of content. This in turn creates more views for the blogger. If you’re running a commercial enterprise you may consider paying freelancers or businesses to produce appealing articles for content marketing. By drawing in readers to your website, they are more likely to browse through other articles, interact with your social media accounts and purchase products.
   Guest writers also reduce some of the pressure for the blogger to maintain regular updates for their blog. Illnesses, tiredness or even idea exhaustion can happen to anyone, so scheduling a guest blog post can be an excellent way to be prepared for bad scenarios.
   For the writer themselves, there is an incredible amount of benefit in writing guest posts such as this. By writing articles you can promote your name and your business in a subtle manner that doesn’t put readers off. By stylising the way you write and expressing facts or opinions, you are promoting yourself as an expert, who has been personally recommended by the blogger. Do remember that some employers and clients will research your name and your company – So producing quality guest posts for the right people will develop a positive image for you.
   If you are a business or a writer trying to break through the world of online journalism, I’d also recommend spreading your name across bloggers and companies who pay for the content. If someone is making a financial gain from your article – be sure to get your share! Many companies (including The Sun) expect freelance writers to hand over their precious work and time for free for the ‘experience’, but that is simply not how writers can make a living. For more information about Freelance rates, you take a look at the London Freelance website. http://www.londonfreelance.org/rates/
   So that’s it for me, I hope you found this blog post interesting. If you’d like to know a little more about me please feel free to take a look at my website, www.staceyrezvan.co.uk

Keep writing,
Stacey Rezvan

(Adam again: don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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