The one way 3DS will always be above the Switch

I love the Nintendo Switch. It’s a fantastic new addition to Nintendo’s line of consoles. I like that it can be played on the television and on the go. I like lots of the games on it and I like the general aesthetic and design of its interface and hardware. It many senses, it is superior to the Nintendo 3DS. Except one.

StreetPass. I carry my 3DS with me everywhere I go in the hopes of getting a few StreetPass hits. Back in 2011 to 2015, I would get lots of StreetPass hits every day I’d go out. I loved the StreetPass games and the content in other games which you’d get if you did get any StreetPass hits. I also loved the pedometer that it had and how that factored into StreetPass games – I’ve already written a blog post about my love of the 3DS pedometer.

I mean, it’s not perfect. My 3DS is horribly tattered due to the fact that I carry it everywhere with me and I am glad that my Switch isn’t. I just really loved the days of finding people’s Miis inside my console – there was a certain communal feeling to it. It was nice to know that lots of people were playing the same games as me and to have their play-throughs influence my own. The Switch is great – but I’ll always miss StreetPass…

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