Competition Driven Writing

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who told me that they felt that they needed healthy competition to motivate their creative writing. I don’t need competition (nor have I ever) so it was an interesting new perspective for me. As a result of this conversation, we now have a spread sheet where we record the number of words we’ve written each day to see who does the most and to drive us to do better. Another friend of mine has joined in too and perhaps others will in future.

I’m mentioning it, rather arrogantly, just because I thought it was a rather nice idea and I thought that any creative writers who read this blog might want to give it a try. If you’re one of my friends, send me a message and you can join in! It’s odd, because while I didn’t really think of competition as something which motivates me, knowing that I can record my word counts is actually making me want to write more. Also, since there’s a record of my work that others can see, I don’t like to not write anything at all.

If you do decide to try it yourself, I hope you find it beneficial. Funnily enough, the word count of this blog post will be added to my total! That’s why I’m going to make a bit of filler now, like wondering whether or not Richard Thomas was actually naked in the hot spring in that one episode of The Waltons (The Heritage) and, if he was, admiring his levels of body positivity and confidence. Also, I am sorry that there’s no new Finger Puppet Show strip today – the next one is ready to post, I just need to get certain permissions first!

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