Continuing Fiction

One thing that I’ve noticed about recent pieces of fiction is that there is a strong emphasis on continuing to build upon the fiction that already exists, rather than to recreate things. Personally, I think this is a good thing. If you look at a lot of big, popular films, many of them are based on established franchises. Twenty years ago, these kinds of things would have been remakes, but these days, even if they’re something new, they’ll still have something that ties them back to their origins. It’s not just films either, but books, TV shows, video games and other mediums too. I like this, because I like to think of all works of fiction as equally valid: from the most obscure of video games to the most renowned literary novels.  I like to adopt the stance with my own works too; whenever I write fiction today, there are always ways that I can tie it all the way back  to my earliest work. It helps me to feel that I am always working on something valid, as I’ll always create connections to and build  upon everything I make. I think this is quite a good motivator to work, because then I’m always working towards one big thing. Then, when I consume fiction, I can also feel that I am working my way through one big thing.

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