Renewed Creative Energy

Over the last few days, I’ve found that I have had quite a renewed level of creative energy. This is excellent because it means that I have been able to advance my fiction writing projects, which I’ve honestly been making rather slow progress on lately. I notice the irony of talking about a renewed creative energy when I didn’t actually update my blog yesterday (when I should have) but I was up quite late writing something else and I decided that it wouldn’t be too much of a big deal to hold off the blog update until today. It certainly wasn’t that I’d forgotten or that I didn’t have any ideas.

I’ve been thinking about what may have caused this boost in creative energy and I think I have the answer. I work as a freelancer and I write 6,000 words of web content every day, but recently I’ve taken a temporary break. I think the fact that I’ve gotten used to writing every day, means that I have residual energy left over to do writing for personal projects. As I go through the work day, I find myself thinking that I wish I could be working on personal projects. Now that I have that time, I do work on personal projects. It’s pretty good.

If I end up being a freelance writer long term (rather than looking for a contracted position) then doing this every so often will be a nice way to ensure that I am still able to push forward with my personal, more creative endeavours too. I think a lot of creative people struggle to find the source of their creative energy and to identify the best times to work, so I am pleased that I am starting to get an idea of my own capabilities.

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