Darkness and Light

There’s a lot of darkness in the world. As much as I like to try to be an optimistic person and keep the tone of this blog generally optimistic – this is a fact that I simply cannot ignore. If I were to ignore this, my optimism would not be grounded in realism at all. In fact, it’s true that sometimes I am guilty of focusing too much on the darkness.

But every person, every friend is a light in the darkness. Not every person is an equal source of light, but everyone is important. Somebody might be a candle burning against the dark, another might be a lantern – others may even be street lamps or as bright as lighthouses. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I’ve known a sun in my time,

The darkness is a sad fact, but without it, perhaps I’d fail to notice the beauty of the lights and to take them for granted would be a terrible shame. The light will always outshine the darkness – but the important thing is to remember that it’s always there, if you know where to look… and sometimes that’s within, because we’re all a source of light in our own ways.

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