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The Joy in Order

I’m writing today’s blog post much later than I had planned to do so, and do you know why? It’s because I started making a spreadsheet. I was having so much fun, I simply could not draw myself away to … Continue reading

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Fire Safety

I’m back! You may have noticed a lack of posts last week and there’s a reason for that – and it’s a little more exciting than me being too tired or busy to write anything. Although before you get your … Continue reading

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An Update on Finger Puppet Show

Regular readers will have probably realised that it has been quite a long time since one of these blog posts ended with “(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)” and the reason for that is because I have not updated it … Continue reading

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Ideas in the Pipeline

I have quite a few ideas for future blogging projects. Some of these are ideas I’ve had for years now and others are newer ideas. It’s easy to continue updating this blog, since it’s already all set up, but starting … Continue reading

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Full Time Part Time

Regular readers may well have noticed that I have missed a few updates over the last few months. This is unfortunate, as I’ve been writing posts for this blog since 2011 and there has never been a time when I’ve … Continue reading

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Site Valuation

I’ve been filled with a renewed sense of vigor about this blog recently. Today I use a site which gives a free valuation of websites and it turns out that my blog is now about ten times more valuable than … Continue reading

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Who Was I?

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the fact that I did not post anything here on Friday. The truth is that I was away visiting friends and I never find the time to write a blog post when … Continue reading

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Spam Comments

Something which is a real frustration for me, is the number of spam comments which get left on my blog. I’ve had around 450 left in the last couple of months. That’s several comments every single day and they’re all … Continue reading

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The Terrible SEO on This Site

I suppose I should acknowledge this: I’ve got pretty bad SEO on the Trusty Water Blog. I haven’t entered proper meta descriptions for most of my posts, I usually just post blocks of text which aren’t ever really broken up … Continue reading

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A Shift in Tone

I was thinking today about how much this blog has changed over the years. Back when I first started, aside from the odd philosophical reflections, I mainly just use these blog posts to try and be funny. The vast majority … Continue reading

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