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The COVID-19 Writing Dilemma

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause problems around the world, especially in countries like the UK where the government is a deadly mixture of uncaring and incompetent. One small problem it’s created for me is related to my writing. … Continue reading

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Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson

As a writer, I love thinking about the English language (and other languages too, but less so, since I can’t write or speak them) and so it was really interesting to read Mother Tongue, because it gave a full history … Continue reading

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Writing Revival

One thing I’ve been very pleased about is the fact that I’ve been much more productive as a writer since the lock down began. I don’t mean to take the angle of saying that this is a good situation, because … Continue reading

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Female Versions of Male Characters

A common trope in fiction is for male characters to be re-imagined as female characters. To be honest, I think this is a fairly lazy approach to writing female characters. It feels as though writers who employee this too liberally … Continue reading

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The Magic of Life

I’m friends with a lot of writers and I have to say, that in general, I really like to spend my time and form bonds with people who write. Don’t get me wrong, some of my very best friends are … Continue reading

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Writing Priorities

The one or two of you who read every single one of my blog posts may have realised that I didn’t post anything on Monday – one of my usual update days. It’s pretty rare for me not to update, … Continue reading

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Christmas Card Appreciation

One unhappy trend that I notice as I get older, is that fewer and fewer people seem to be writing Christmas cards these days – or at least, that’s the case among the circles of people that I interact with. … Continue reading

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The Best Stories are Balls of String

I’ve been thinking about what makes a story a good one and I’ve come up with something that was never really taught to me when I studied Creative Writing. A lot of people think of plots as a simple progression … Continue reading

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The Writing Catalyst

This is probably a sign of the fact that I am still a rather amateur writer, but I find that whenever I read a different author, their writing style has quite an impression on me. It’s kind of like I … Continue reading

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My Most Rewarding Experience as a Writer

For as long as I can remember, I have always been creatively oriented. I have memories of making my own “picture books” by folding over pieces of paper together and making stories which were complete rip-offs of other picture books … Continue reading

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