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Mysteries by Chrissy Derbyshire

If you love to see the concepts and ideas of ancient mythology mixed together with everyday, modern living, then you’re going to love this book as it’s a collection of short stories and poems which do just that. Though I … Continue reading

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Political Neutrality

I encountered somebody recently, someone who’s probably at least five years older than me, who is completely politically neutral. Not only did he say that he had never voted for anything in his life, but also that he had no … Continue reading

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Time Flies Before Your Eyes

A few years ago, I worked in a primary school as an MDSA (Midday Supervisory Assistant). It was a pretty good job and although I was only there for a fairly short length of time, I can still remember many … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed II

After playing the first Assassin’s Creed game, I was a little reluctant to keep going with the series. I found it to be such a dreary game and I was concerned that the second game might be a similarly unenjoyable … Continue reading

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Easing the Reigns After Eight Years

For eight years I agonised over making sure this blog was regularly updated every week. I’d stay up much later than planned to write a short little post – once or twice, I even got myself out of bed just … Continue reading

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Super Mario reviews:

Year Game Score 1981 Donkey Kong ¹ 6/10 1982 Donkey Kong (Game & Watch) ² 5.5/10 1982 Donkey Kong Jr. ³ 5.9/10 1983 Donkey Kong II ⁴ 6/10 1983 Mario Bros. (Game & Watch) 7.9/10 1983 Mario Bros. 6/10 1985 … Continue reading

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Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

This is a book I read after being recommended it by a friend. I went in knowing nothing – literally nothing, about what it was about. The only clue I had was the title. I’m pleased I did though, because … Continue reading

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Living Together

About three months ago, I moved to Bath (as I had always wanted to) and started living with my friend Sophie). I used to think that living alone would always be the best living arrangement, but I really like living … Continue reading

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Trying Delicious New Foods and Making People Hate You

Earlier this week, I went to London with my friend Rory in order to visit my friend Mairi. The three of us had a delightful time (or, I did at least, I assume they did too) and other than enjoying … Continue reading

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StreetPass Quest II

I always appreciated that the 3DS came with a number of free games. SteetPass Quest was one of my favourites and I was very pleased when Nintendo went ahead and added a sequel for free via a software update! Functionally, … Continue reading

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