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Bone-chilling Terror

It was late at night. I had decided it was time for bed. I headed into my housemate’s room to say goodnight. I thought it was going to be a small and pleasant interaction – but I was wrong. With … Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Classics

Of the original Donkey Kong trilogy, it’s probably Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. which are the most well known. Donkey Kong Classics gathers together these two iconic games on one NES cartridge. The original Donkey Kong is pretty fun. … Continue reading

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A Cosy Moment

Yesterday evening, it was pouring with rain, quite heavily. In my living room, we had the lamp on – filling the room with a dull, comfortable light. I’m at the top floor in an apartment building in Bath – outside … Continue reading

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Female Versions of Male Characters

A common trope in fiction is for male characters to be re-imagined as female characters. To be honest, I think this is a fairly lazy approach to writing female characters. It feels as though writers who employee this too liberally … Continue reading

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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Jane Austen is one of those big name authors who I feel like I should have read more of, but who always gets sidelined by whatever other author or genre I’m obsessed with when the time comes to choose my … Continue reading

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International Friendship Day 2019

The 31st of July is International Friendship Day and this year I spent a long time on a big project which I was pretty proud of. I wanted to share it in today’s blog post. That’s eight rows of eight … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

Loyal readers will have noticed that I’ve not updated my blog in quite some time. In fact, this is the biggest gap between posts since the Trusty Water Blog launched in 2011 – and why? Well, I have had a … Continue reading

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How You Could Bring Back The Waltons

I recently started a new watch through of The Waltons – my first in a little while. My good friend Liam was kind enough to put every episode onto a hard drive for me so that I could watch them … Continue reading

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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

I’d always known that this was a game with a really high regard, but I’d never really given it a chance. I’d only played it briefly once or twice and I thought to myself “sure, this is alright.” and that … Continue reading

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Appreciation for Children’s Stories

Something that’s quite interesting to me is that there are several pieces of fiction created for children (or young adults) that as a child or teenager, I thought were too childish for me and did not enjoy – yet now, … Continue reading

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