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Time Capsule 2

In 2014, I wrote a series of questions for myself to answer exactly five years later. In my most recent blog post I did just that and it was a very enjoyable experience. It really helped me to appreciate all … Continue reading

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Opening the Time Capsule

On this date in 2014, I decided to create a blog-based ‘time capsule‘ for myself, where I’d ask a series of questions and then answer them five years later. Well, now that five years have passed, it’s time to answer … Continue reading

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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

If there’s one thing I always love to see in novels, it’s well written characters who undergo a process of character development. If that’s your kind of thing too, you’re going to love Little Women. To explain it in the … Continue reading

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An Easy Thing to Take for Granted

When I meet a new person that I get along well with, I usually find myself thinking “I hope, one day, we’ll be old friends who go out to dinner together and confide things in one another” and the thought … Continue reading

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Why I Have a Nude Photograph of One of My Very Best Friends

If somebody were to have a look through the photographs on my mobile phone, they might be surprised to find a naked photograph in there (and not a self-portrait.) Some people, mostly those who don’t know my so well, might … Continue reading

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Tracky Train

I love trains. I love puzzle games. I love Tracky Train because it merges those two things into one. Plus it’s free, which is always good. To put it in its most basic form, in this game you lay down … Continue reading

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AMakes – for you

I’m always delighted when a friend of mine starts writing a blog, because it means that I can be really lazy and just give them a shout out instead of writing a real blog post on one of my update … Continue reading

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Overreaching Character Development in Doctor Who

I really enjoyed the first season of adventures for the Thirteenth Doctor and I hope that we will, in future, be blessed with many more. One criticism I’ve seen is that the current incarnation of the character is ‘too nice’ … Continue reading

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Fantasy Life

I love RPGs. I love games with a real heart at their centre. I love games with hundreds of side-quests to do. I love life sims. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder that I love Fantasy Life, … Continue reading

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It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost, Than Never to Have Loved at all

Today I’ve decided that it’s time to broach the subject of my “love life” (as they say) which, save for the odd accidental date and random proposal, I’ve never really written about before. To be honest, beside this and some … Continue reading

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