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Colin Nightmare

The other night, I had a frightening dream about our friend Colin the Cow. No, I wasn’t reliving the sad day that he broke, it was actually a very strange situation with no basis in reality. Or, at least, I … Continue reading

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Chef is one of my favourite Game & Watches. It’s also become fairly iconic since the image of Mr. Game & Watch holding a frying pan and flipping sausages is quite well known due to his various appearances in the … Continue reading

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Mighty Beanz

I’ve always loved collecting things. I’m not sure what it is, but when there’s a nice set of things, I’m really keen to own them all. I enjoy having collections of things and making lists of the things that I … Continue reading

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Creative Curse of the Call Centre

Throughout the week, I’ll get several ideas for blog posts I’d like to write. My current job is very menial and repetitive, so I often find my mind wandering to subjects that interest me more. Something in particular that I … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Timewyrm: Revelation by Paul Cornell

Timewyrm: Revelation is the final novel in the four-part Timewyrm series and, I have to say, it provides a really thrilling finale. After the series had taken a bit of a misstep with the third book, I was a little … Continue reading

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Internet Friend Communication

Over the years, I’ve made a couple of internet friends who have then gone on to become “real life” friends. In so doing, I have noticed quite an interesting pattern in regards to communications and it might only apply to … Continue reading

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My Phonetic Alphabet

At my work, I find myself having to use the military phonetic alphabet very often. I don’t really like it that much, so I decided to create my own phonetic alphabet. Without further ado, here we go. A for “An … Continue reading

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F-Zero is the first game in Nintendo’s series of futuristic, high-speed racing games. This first instalment was originally released on the SNES, which might cause you to worry that out-dated technology will render it unenjoyable (I’ve certainly played some older … Continue reading

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Ideas in the Pipeline

I have quite a few ideas for future blogging projects. Some of these are ideas I’ve had for years now and others are newer ideas. It’s easy to continue updating this blog, since it’s already all set up, but starting … Continue reading

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Age Discrepancy

For whatever reason, people seem to find it very hard to identify my age. But it’s not a simple case of people think I’m older than I am or that people think I’m younger than I am, it’s that’s people … Continue reading

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