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One big reason MSN was better than Messenger

I love instant messaging. It’s brilliant. An excellent way to stay in touch with absent friends and a great way to casually chat with people without having to meet up with them in person – something which we kind of … Continue reading

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Nazi Comparisons

It’s an old “rule” of internet debates that the first person to compare the opposing side to the Nazis has lost the argument. If somebody criticises the government, for example, by calling them Nazis, most people won’t take them seriously. … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today, it was the first of January 2011. That feels very strange to me. I had a somewhat similar feeling at the start of 2020, knowing that 2010 had been a decade ago, I wrote about it … Continue reading

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Reflecting on 2020

I thought to myself “writing a summary of my year on New Year’s Eve/early New Year’s Day has started to become an annual tradition, hasn’t it?” but taking a look, it seems I didn’t do that last year, which is … Continue reading

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Looking at Christmas Trees

I like Christmas tress. I think they look great and nothing gets me into the festive spirit quite like seeing a nicely decorated Christmas tree. But this year, I started to think about something Christmas tree-related which is a bit … Continue reading

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Kindness and Guilt

There’s a certain toxic behaviour that I see quite a lot of. Thankfully, this is very rare among the people in my life, but I see it a lot on television (and other fiction) and I know that my friends … Continue reading

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Infectious Selfishness

Today the Conservative government voted against a policy to ensure that children had access to free meals during the ongoing pandemic. I’m not going to get into the specific details of why I think this was wrong (in case it’s … Continue reading

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Toxic Loneliness

There’s a certain type of content that I see shared on social media which reflects what I consider to be a very unhealthy attitude: it’s what I call toxic loneliness. So what do I mean by this? Well, I’m sure … Continue reading

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Leave Me on “Seen”

I remember when Facebook first introduced the feature which would tell people when somebody had opened the messages they had sent them. I always wondered why. I thought to myself that, not only would it be bad for those who … Continue reading

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No thanks, Manscaped!

Recently, I keep seeing adverts for a company called Manscaped, who sell male razors specifically designed for body hair removal. In theory, I am not against the existence of such a product, but in practise these adverts make me downright … Continue reading

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