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Time Flies Before Your Eyes

A few years ago, I worked in a primary school as an MDSA (Midday Supervisory Assistant). It was a pretty good job and although I was only there for a fairly short length of time, I can still remember many … Continue reading

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Female Versions of Male Characters

A common trope in fiction is for male characters to be re-imagined as female characters. To be honest, I think this is a fairly lazy approach to writing female characters. It feels as though writers who employee this too liberally … Continue reading

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Appreciation for Children’s Stories

Something that’s quite interesting to me is that there are several pieces of fiction created for children (or young adults) that as a child or teenager, I thought were too childish for me and did not enjoy – yet now, … Continue reading

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The Joy in Order

I’m writing today’s blog post much later than I had planned to do so, and do you know why? It’s because I started making a spreadsheet. I was having so much fun, I simply could not draw myself away to … Continue reading

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Speed of Eating

Once, long ago, I used to be a master of having dinner with people. Not at choosing the ideal location or at making perfect dinner conversation, but in the sense that I would always finish eating at the exact same … Continue reading

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Spans of Times from Different Perspectives

Fourteen years ago, Doctor Who came back on TV and my eleven year-old self loved it. Thanks to my Dad, I had seen a few episodes of classic Doctor Who and I quite liked them, but the new, modern version … Continue reading

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Kindness vs. Niceness vs. Politeness

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently is the difference between kindness, niceness and politeness. Without giving it too much thought, you may think that the three things are pretty much the same – and it is true that … Continue reading

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Reading Together

One of my favourite activities to do myself is reading. I love it, of course. Reading is cool and I have that printed on a t-shirt. I could take for granted that you already agree and understand, but then this … Continue reading

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Do People Overuse the Word “Friend”?

What is a friend? I’m sure each person that you ask would give you a slightly different answer – after all, friendship means different things to different people. My own perspective is that it’s an honour for somebody to count … Continue reading

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Time Capsule 2

In 2014, I wrote a series of questions for myself to answer exactly five years later. In my most recent blog post I did just that and it was a very enjoyable experience. It really helped me to appreciate all … Continue reading

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