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Locked Memories in Lucid Dreams

Remember back in 2014, when I mentioned that I had started to keep a dream journal and I hoped that it would help me to achieve more lucid dreams? Well, it didn’t work. I stopped keeping my dream journal after … Continue reading

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Customer Service Interactions

In the past, I held a customer service based job. In the name of professionalism, I shan’t divulge any information about what the business was, but I wanted to share some of my more unusual interactions with customers. Here are … Continue reading

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Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

A lot of people might be put off of reading Les Misérables due to two things: the fact that it’s from the 19th century and the fact that it is one of the longest novels ever written. But I implore … Continue reading

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Last week I was working a late shift at my office. Nobody I knew was around, so I had a sticky note open on my computer and I was using it to draw a smiley face using only grammatical characters. … Continue reading

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Beginnings and Endings

At the start of October 2017, it was my first day of a new job. I had just started at a call centre. It wasn’t a job I had applied for, it was one which a recruitment agency had contacted … Continue reading

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!

The Nintendo DSi was a little bit disappointing for me. I thought it was going to be the next big console in the DS family, but then it ended up getting almost no games – or at least, almost no … Continue reading

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Crushes and Squishes

I’ve recently been reading a book about asexuality and through it I’ve been introduced to a fairly interesting concept – the “squish.” And what is it? Well, I think it’s best to explain by comparing it against another concept that … Continue reading

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The Many Mes

Today I was catching up on the blog of a good friend of mine. It’s all about her experiences teaching English as a foreign language in China. I’ve mentioned it before. Anyway, in one of the blog posts, she mentions … Continue reading

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Batman: Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison

Imagine you’ve been reading a few Batman comics late into the night and then when you go to sleep, you have a nightmare. Since the last thing you read was a Batman story, elements of the comics start bleeding into … Continue reading

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Music Suggestions 6

It’s always nice to find new pieces of music to listen to and enjoy. That’s why I’ve made not one, not two, not three or four, but five different blog posts in the past where I recommend music that I … Continue reading

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