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Professor Layton and the Curious Village

I think I should start this review by saying that I am going to be very bias. I suppose, really, I’m bias with all of my reviews, but in this particular case I associate the game very strongly with an … Continue reading

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Snapshot 2

I woke up a little before you. It was a Friday morning. It was a sunny day. I was not in Corsham. Life was good. I felt so serene – it was one of only a few times that I’ve … Continue reading

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Rhythm Paradise games:

2006: Rhythm Tengoku 2008: Rhythm Paradise 2011: Puzzle Swap ¹ 2014: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS ² Parent Series: Wario Connected Series: StreetPass Mii Plaza Super Smash Bros. Footnotes: Several characters appear in a puzzle dedicated to the series. … Continue reading

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The Marketing Potential of Internet Trolls

For the last two months, I have been back doing digital marketing work, which is good. It’s the kind of work I enjoy doing the most. In that time, I have noticed something quite interesting. I currently work for a … Continue reading

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare

If you don’t know the story of Macbeth, you’ve probably still heard of it – at least through reputation. This is, after all, “The Scottish Play” which some actors feel so superstitious about it (due to its dark themes and … Continue reading

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Snapshot 1

Over the years, we had slowly grown resentful of each other. We’d both wronged each other in some ways, but despite the negative feelings which had emerged, deep down I believe we both cared for each other. The origins of … Continue reading

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The Unending Growth of the Broken Heart

I like to think that each time we meet somebody, our heart grows a little bigger. It grows bigger to accommodate the feelings of love and affection that we hold for that person. When a person leaves our lives, our … Continue reading

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Crash Bandicoot

Growing up, I always used to think Crash Bandicoot looked really cool. I never really had any of his games as a child, but I wanted them. I even had a couple of toys that you get out of a … Continue reading

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Balloon Fight games:

1984: Balloon Fight 2002: Animal Crossing ¹ 2003: WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania! ² 2004: WarioWare: Twisted! ³ 2006: Tetris DS ⁴ 2007: Tingle’s Balloon Fight DS 2008: Super Smash Bros. Brawl ⁵ 2009: PiCOPiCT ⁶ 2012: Nintendo Land ⁷ 2013: … Continue reading

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Video Game Characters as Digital Avatars

Many video game characters are designed to be digital avatars of the player. Miis are a clear example of this, where they’re just a way for you to put you and your friends in games. But that’s not what I … Continue reading

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