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Locked Memories in Lucid Dreams

Remember back in 2014, when I mentioned that I had started to keep a dream journal and I hoped that it would help me to achieve more lucid dreams? Well, it didn’t work. I stopped keeping my dream journal after … Continue reading

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Colin Nightmare

The other night, I had a frightening dream about our friend Colin the Cow. No, I wasn’t reliving the sad day that he broke, it was actually a very strange situation with no basis in reality. Or, at least, I … Continue reading

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Recurring Dream

Back when I was in The Corsham School Sixth Form, I was pretty proud of my 100% attendance. I was the only person to have that high a level of attendance and I even got a special acknowledgement of that … Continue reading

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Misgendering in Dreams

I like to think about the patterns that recur in my dreams. Most of my dreams are just about me spending time with my friends, usually at their house, but sometimes out in restaurants and out in the city. It’s … Continue reading

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All My Friends Saved the World

In a dream I had the other day, I was in a classroom at Regis School (no idea why) along with all my friends. It was lovely; they were all chatting amongst themselves and having a nice time. Even the … Continue reading

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Lucid Dream

A couple of weeks ago I received a very nice notebook as a late Christmas present. For a long time I’d wanted to start keeping a dream journal and so this very fancy notebook has now become my dream journal. … Continue reading

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