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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

This is the fourth Sherlock Holmes book and the second Sherlock Holmes short story anthology. I tend to think that the short story format is the one which is best suited to the Sherlock Holmes series and this collection includes … Continue reading

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The COVID-19 Writing Dilemma

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause problems around the world, especially in countries like the UK where the government is a deadly mixture of uncaring and incompetent. One small problem it’s created for me is related to my writing. … Continue reading

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

This is one game which a lot of people would consider as obsolete at this point, but this is a game which gave me almost one hundred hours of fun and so I think it’s definitely worthy of praise. I … Continue reading

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One big reason MSN was better than Messenger

I love instant messaging. It’s brilliant. An excellent way to stay in touch with absent friends and a great way to casually chat with people without having to meet up with them in person – something which we kind of … Continue reading

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The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Throughout the years I’ve heard a lot of people talk about The Godfather as one of the greatest movies ever made. I’d never gotten around to seeing it and, interestingly, never really heard much praise for the book. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading

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Hamlet by William Shakespeare

One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays – and for good reason. Prior to reading Hamlet, I would have happily said that Richard III was my favourite Shakespeare play, but now I’d say that Hamlet has just about edged it out. … Continue reading

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

This is one of those books which I had to read as part of my GCSEs. As a young teenager, the book felt overly wordy and my overall impression was that it was pretty inaccessible. Nonetheless, I did like the … Continue reading

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Marie of the Cabin Club by Ann Petry

This was one of several books released digitally as part of the Reclaim Her Name movement, which was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Women’s Prize for Fiction. Each of these book was written by a woman who … Continue reading

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Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

The First World War is one of the greatest tragedies of modern history. In Private Peaceful, Michael Morpurgo tells the story of two boys, Charlie and Tommo, who find themselves in the trenches of France – highlighting the meaningless suffering … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Transit by Ben Aaronovitch

Virgin’s Doctor Who New Adventures have a reputation for being too dark and edgy. Transit, the tenth book in the series, is perhaps the most infamous for this reason. In fact, it is generally regarded as being quite bad because … Continue reading

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