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The Third Doctor Bookending

The first time you see the Third Doctor he falls out of the TARDIS at the start of the story Spearhead From Space. Years later Jon Pertwee agreed to play the part again for a fan film called Devious and … Continue reading

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Lofty and the Nickname

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had a few nice chats with somebody named Lofty (strangely, the last time I wrote about him on here was exactly one year ago yesterday!). Now, as I’m sure you can guess ‘Lofty’ is not … Continue reading

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Funeral Music

Abide With Me is my favourite hymn and I have two different versions of it on my iPod. I’ve liked it for quite some time, but I’ve heard it at every funeral I’ve been to (I think) and I’ve realised … Continue reading

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Top 5 Incarnations of the Doctor

Doctor Who is one of my absolute favourite television shows. For me, its only real rival is The Waltons. One of the best things about Doctor Who, I think, is the way that it changes. In any other series, if … Continue reading

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A Nostalgic Visit

A few weeks ago my friend Dalfino called me on my mobile and asked whether I’d like to have an evening stroll with him. Since I really like walking, I happily accepted his proposal. So, I went to Co-Operative, bought … Continue reading

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Today has been a very nice day. Now I have met up with two of my internet friends in real life, the first was Mairi Mac Arthur, and the second is my friend Rhino Water (I can’t write his real … Continue reading

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Writing as the Opposite Sex

One time, in a Writing for Young People Class, I had a lesson on how to write as the opposite sex and, quite frankly, I thought it was nonsense. It boiled down to things like: well boys like to be … Continue reading

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In the past, I would have a lesson that ended at 7 p.m., then I’d catch a bus from the university into the city and then have an hour’s wait for my bus back home to Corsham. Since, as I’m … Continue reading

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A Dark Hand by Oscar TK

This is the debut novella of Oscar Taylor-Kent and is a parody of the supernatural romance genre and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight in particular. Having said that, while it is a parody of Twilight, you can still enjoy this story without … Continue reading

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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

In this instalment in the Castlevania series you take control of Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin as they explore Dracula’s castle, which is now inhabited by a new evil vampire named Brauner. While it is only a 2D game, Dracula’s … Continue reading

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