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Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf

It’s hard to even begin to describe Orlando. It’s such a weird book, but that’s not to say it isn’t good, because it is actually amazing. It starts as if it’s a fairly straight autobiography of a man named Orlando … Continue reading

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The Optimist

I recently returned to a call centre that I’d worked at a couple of years previously. It was interesting to see how much the workplace had changed in that time, both in terms of their policies, but also in terms … Continue reading

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Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer

Spyro 2 is pretty much the ideal video game sequel. At its heart, it follows the same formula as its predecessor, but it enhances that formula while adding in several new features. Though I loved the original, it didn’t take … Continue reading

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Are You Just Friends?

As I live with a member of the opposite sex, a question I’m often asked is “are you a couple, or are you just friends?” but it’s not something I’m new too. As someone with quite a lot of friends … Continue reading

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Forming Connections

In recent times, a few people have commented about the number of friends I have – indicating that I have an unusually high number. It doesn’t bother me, because every person has different social needs and will be happy with … Continue reading

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Mysteries by Chrissy Derbyshire

If you love to see the concepts and ideas of ancient mythology mixed together with everyday, modern living, then you’re going to love this book as it’s a collection of short stories and poems which do just that. Though I … Continue reading

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Political Neutrality

I encountered somebody recently, someone who’s probably at least five years older than me, who is completely politically neutral. Not only did he say that he had never voted for anything in his life, but also that he had no … Continue reading

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