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Emulating Games & Morality

Recently I have been emulating old games and been very excited to gain access to many old classics which I have been unable to play for years. For me, this is pretty significant because in the past I would never … Continue reading

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Abusive Relationships

When people think of abusive relationships, they probably start thinking of a heterosexual couple where the man is just a very nasty person who physically harms his partner. But the fact is that anybody can be the victim of an … Continue reading

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To Despise or Pity?

I tend to get on with everybody I meet, but I’ve had a lot of trouble with somebody recently. Not only do they have a lot of habits which are very annoying, but they are always very rude to me, … Continue reading

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One thing that I have noticed a lot recently is a lot people who have an upsetting lack empathy. When I am riding on the bus during my daily commute, I’ve recently seen somebody shouting angrily at the bus driver … Continue reading

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This Entry is Problematic

I recently came across a Tumblr site called Your Fave is Problematic. What this website does is it takes celebrities and makes a list of every ‘problematic’ thing they’ve ever said, done, or taken part in. Mainly the lists are … Continue reading

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In Defence of Feminism

It seems that, whenever I see something posted on Facebook about feminism, there are a lot commenters who seems to be rather opposed to it for various reasons. This is something which really quite confuses me, I certainly find it … Continue reading

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