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Lessons from the Mountain by Mary McDonough

This book is the autobiography of Mary McDonough, best known for playing Erin Walton in the hit TV show, The Waltons. From the title through to the marketing, Lessons from the Mountain is very much presented as if it were … Continue reading

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The Return of The Waltons

Yesterday, a piece of delightful pieces of news was announced: The Waltons is returning! Specifically, it’s returning in the form of a remake of the original Waltons movie, The Homecoming. However, in order to keep some connection to the original, … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Robert Wightman as John-Boy Walton

John-Boy Walton is one of my all-time favourite characters and the most iconic portrayal of the character comes from actor Richard Thomas – he’s certainly my favourite incarnation of John-Boy. Having said that, I also really like the character as … Continue reading

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John-Boy Walton and the Fight Against Fascism

Donald Trump recently tweeted that ANTIFA has now been classified as a terrorist organisation. Considering the fact that ANTIFA isn’t actually an organisation and just a word used to describe the community of people who oppose fascism, it’s very concerning … Continue reading

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A Video Tribute to The Waltons

Nine years ago, I saw a video by a YouTuber called BabelColour who had made a Doctor Who tribute video set to the song ‘What About Everything’ by Carbon Leaf. I think he did an excellent job. It was also … Continue reading

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How You Could Bring Back The Waltons

I recently started a new watch through of The Waltons – my first in a little while. My good friend Liam was kind enough to put every episode onto a hard drive for me so that I could watch them … Continue reading

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50 Pop Funko Figures I’d Like to See

Something I really enjoy is the range of Pop Funko figures. It’s cool to see so many different characters from different mediums and backgrounds all being recreated and presented in the same way. It reminds us that everything is truly … Continue reading

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LEAKED Super Smash Bros. Ultimate John-Boy Walton Reveal Trailer

(Thanks to a Waltons-insider that I know, I was able to get my hands on the script for John-Boy Walton’s as of yet unannounced reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I present it here in its unedited form. Please … Continue reading

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The Waltons: Trouble on the Mountain by Robert Weverka

For generations, people have asked the question “What if two episodes of The Waltons, namely “The Typewriter” and “The Separation”, had happened at the same time?” and in The Waltons: Trouble on the Mountain, Robert Weverka answers that question. Okay, … Continue reading

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Meeting Personal Heroes

I had a particularly exciting day today. I traveled down to Milton Keynes (quite a journey) to attend a book signing by Mary McDonough (best known for her role as Erin Walton on The Waltons, which friends and regular readers … Continue reading

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