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DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics: Aliens

I’m quite a fan of the DC Universe (especially Batman) and I am also quite a fan of the Alien franchise. These are two things that are quite different and I enjoy them in different ways, so I was quite … Continue reading

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Job Interview Questions and Answers

I quite like job interviews. I know some people find them stressful, but I see them as a nice chance to get out of the house and to visit an office where you get to talk about how good you … Continue reading

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Mistaken for an Authority

I like to wear a blazer most of the time. I find them very comfortable, they have conveniently positioned pockets, they’re appropriate for most social contexts and I think I look good in them. I’ve got a small collection of … Continue reading

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Designing homes has always been a big part of the Animal Crossing series. You catch bugs and fish, sell fruit, do chores for people and all to make some money to expand the size of your house and to get … Continue reading

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Censorship is a subject which concerns me quite a lot and a subject which is in the media at the moment, for various reasons. However, my concerns about censorship tend to be quite different to those of the majority (or, … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Timewyrm: Exodus by Terrance Dicks

When Doctor Who was cancelled on television, it came back in the form of a series of novels, the first four of which made up the Timewyrm series. What’s quite exciting about this one is that it was written by … Continue reading

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Feeding Creativity with Emotional Energy

I remember when I wrote as a teenager, it was usually something I did when I was feeling sad. The negative energy fed into my creativity and provided me with a nice escape from whatever it was that made me … Continue reading

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Not Wanting to Be Friends

There was a time when I had completely run out of friends to spend time with. It was quite an unhappy time, because spending time with my friends is my favourite thing to do. Naturally, my solution to this problem … Continue reading

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Halo: Combat Evolved

To be quite honest, I don’t play very many first person shooter games. I guess it’s just not a genre which appeals to me in the same way that RPGs, platformers, life sims and other genres too. In fact, Halo: … Continue reading

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Healthy Diets

Last week, I had dinner from a take away fast food restaurant twice. I wasn’t very happy about that, but I didn’t really have much choice. My work day, while only five hours long, ran from 2:30pm to 7:30pm with … Continue reading

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