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Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong

The Donkey Kong series has usually been quite lucky when it comes to having it’s games released internationally, but unfortunately there are still some games which have only been released in Japan. One of these, is the Game Boy Color … Continue reading

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My Ten Favourite Animal Crossing Villagers

Like a lot of people, I have been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons now that I am unable to go outside. I’ve always loved the Animal Crossing series and this is something I’ve had in the back … Continue reading

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick

I’m a big robot fan. I always find myself drawn to them as characters and enjoy stories about them, so I was keen to try Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? due to it being an earlier exploration of the … Continue reading

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Fictional Character Hall of Fame: The Doctor

Name: The Doctor Origin: An Unearthly Child, Doctor Who Media: Television Debut: 1963 There are few fictional characters who I regard so highly as the Doctor. A figure of fun, but one who stands for strong moral ideals for which … Continue reading

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Mario Tennis

Nowadays, there seems to be a loads of Mario sports games and when a new one comes out, it usually isn’t a big deal. But when Mario Tennis was first released for the Nintendo 64, I was really excited. I … Continue reading

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The Friendship Experiment

A few months ago I thought to myself: what if two friends were trapped together in a featureless void with nothing to do but talk to each other until the end of time? Obviously, you have to imagine that they … Continue reading

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