I love writing and I have been fortunate enough to get to write for a number of businesses, organisations, websites and publications. Here’s an overview of all my work as a professional writer.

Full Time Roles

At ROAR B2B, I work to produce articles for medical professionals. I write for multiple websites and this covers a wide range of highly complex information. I am able to produce this content via thorough research (reading medical journals and so forth) and by interviewing doctors and other healthcare professionals. Work that I’ve produced in this role has been republished on other medical news sites and even print magazines.

Rotork Plc.
I worked as a permanent Copywriter at actuator manufacturers, Rotork. I wrote a large number of articles for their official website and internal communications. I also pitched and wrote a number of articles for respected trade magazines, such as Valve World, and worked closely with Rotork’s external agencies.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation - Wildlife and Countryside Link

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)
As the Digital Fundraising Officer at WDC, I had many opportunities to flex my copywriting muscles. In addition to writing the copy for a countless number of social media posts, I also wrote for their regular e-newsletters and for various pages on their website. When writing for the website, I also ensured existing pages were written in accordance with SEO best practices. This role involved writing copy which had to be in-line with the brand guidelines of various partners, including many video game developers, and working together with the charity’s external agencies.

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Seeker Digital
Working with Seeker Digital meant that I had the opportunity to write in a broad number of formats, encompassing technical articles, life style blog posts and everything in between. I wrote about beauty products, online gambling, web design, marketing, fishing and many other subjects. Through Seeker, I received extensive training for search engine optimisation.

Other Writings and Publications

  • Awen Publications: My review of Lindsey Clarke’s book, A Dance With Hermes, was included on the publisher’s website.
  • Project Naked: An anonymously written article by me was published on this body-positive website.
  • Natural Spa Factory: My article “How the Beauty Industry is Lying to You!” was published on this beauty retailer’s website.
  • Amazon.com: My review of Anthony Nanson’s novel Deep Time is included as an ‘Editorial Review’ on the book’s product page.
  • Kitewriting: My article “Starting a Blog to Boost Your Career” was published on the website of this former content specialist business.
  • Hawthorn Press: My review of Anthony Nanson’s novel Deep Time was included on the publisher’s website.
  • Anthony Nanson’s Deep Time blog: My review of Anthony Nanson’s novel Deep Time was also included on the author’s specially dedicated blog.
  • Sellr: I provided a large number of blog posts for ecommerce solutions website, Sellr, over the course of a year and a half.
  • RomanCart: I wrote a long list of of blog posts for publication on the blog of ecommerce solutions provider, RomanCart.
  • A Man Eating Pie: My guest blog post “Beauty” was published on the website of fellow blogger, Chloe Ward.
  • Rice Digital: I wrote a long list of articles about video games and Japanese media for publication on Rice Digital. They can all be found here.
  • SmartDatingUK: I wrote a number of articles about healthy relationships and attitudes towards dating which were published in the article section of this dating site.
  • Perspectives Magazine: My short story “Fading Picture” was published in the August 2014 edition of this magazine.
  • Writers Unblocked: Three of my short stories were included in this anthology of short stories all written by students who graduated from Bath Spa University in 2014.
  • Avoid Drowning: I wrote a number of video game articles for this former gaming website.
  • Crazyx Comix: I provided a guest strip for this comedic webcomic.
  • Earl Hamner Birthday Book: My essay “Why The Waltons is Wonderful” was included in a book published by fans, which was given to the author Earl Hamner on his 90th birthday.
  • Twisted Endings: My short story “Help” was published in the March 2013 edition of this magazine.
  • FanFiction.net: As a member of various fandoms, I have written many pieces of fanfiction over the years, which I have published via Fanfiction.net. All of my work can be found here.
  • Lightning Made of Owls: I contributed various strips to this comedic webcomic.