I love writing and I have been fortunate enough to get to write for a number of businesses, organisations, websites and publications. Here’s an overview of all my work as a professional writer.

Full Time Roles

Network-N Media

As Senior Ecommerce Writer, I am responsible for writing content for all the websites owned by Network-N, covering PC hardware, gaming on all platforms, movies, TV, board games, and more. I also commission freelancers and am responsible for editing their work.

At ROAR B2B, I wrote articles for medical professionals, covering a multiple websites and a wide range of highly complex information. I was able to produce this content via thorough research (reading medical journals and so forth) and by interviewing doctors and other healthcare professionals. Work that I produced in this role has been republished on other medical news sites and even print magazines.

Rotork Plc.
I worked as a permanent Copywriter at actuator manufacturers, Rotork. I wrote a large number of articles for their official website and internal communications. I also pitched and wrote a number of articles for respected trade magazines, such as Valve World, and worked closely with Rotork’s external agencies.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation - Wildlife and Countryside Link

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)
As the Digital Fundraising Officer at WDC, I had many opportunities to flex my copywriting muscles. In addition to writing the copy for a countless number of social media posts, I also wrote for their regular e-newsletters and for various pages on their website. When writing for the website, I also ensured existing pages were written in accordance with SEO best practices. This role involved writing copy which had to be in-line with the brand guidelines of various partners, including many video game developers, and working together with the charity’s external agencies.

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Seeker Digital
Working with Seeker Digital meant that I had the opportunity to write in a broad number of formats, encompassing technical articles, life style blog posts and everything in between. I wrote about beauty products, online gambling, web design, marketing, fishing and many other subjects. Through Seeker, I received extensive training for search engine optimisation.

Other Writings and Publications

  • Awen Publications: My review of Lindsey Clarke’s book, A Dance With Hermes, was included on the publisher’s website.
  • Project Naked: An anonymously written article by me was published on this body-positive website.
  • Natural Spa Factory: My article “How the Beauty Industry is Lying to You!” was published on this beauty retailer’s website.
  • Amazon.com: My review of Anthony Nanson’s novel Deep Time is included as an ‘Editorial Review’ on the book’s product page.
  • Kitewriting: My article “Starting a Blog to Boost Your Career” was published on the website of this former content specialist business.
  • Hawthorn Press: My review of Anthony Nanson’s novel Deep Time was included on the publisher’s website.
  • Anthony Nanson’s Deep Time blog: My review of Anthony Nanson’s novel Deep Time was also included on the author’s specially dedicated blog.
  • Sellr: I provided a large number of blog posts for ecommerce solutions website, Sellr, over the course of a year and a half.
  • RomanCart: I wrote a long list of of blog posts for publication on the blog of ecommerce solutions provider, RomanCart.
  • A Man Eating Pie: My guest blog post “Beauty” was published on the website of fellow blogger, Chloe Ward.
  • Rice Digital: I wrote a long list of articles about video games and Japanese media for publication on Rice Digital. They can all be found here.
  • SmartDatingUK: I wrote a number of articles about healthy relationships and attitudes towards dating which were published in the article section of this dating site.
  • Perspectives Magazine: My short story “Fading Picture” was published in the August 2014 edition of this magazine.
  • Writers Unblocked: Three of my short stories were included in this anthology of short stories all written by students who graduated from Bath Spa University in 2014.
  • Avoid Drowning: I wrote a number of video game articles for this former gaming website.
  • Crazyx Comix: I provided a guest strip for this comedic webcomic.
  • Earl Hamner Birthday Book: My essay “Why The Waltons is Wonderful” was included in a book published by fans, which was given to the author Earl Hamner on his 90th birthday.
  • Twisted Endings: My short story “Help” was published in the March 2013 edition of this magazine.
  • FanFiction.net: As a member of various fandoms, I have written many pieces of fanfiction over the years, which I have published via Fanfiction.net. All of my work can be found here.
  • Lightning Made of Owls: I contributed various strips to this comedic webcomic.