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Super Mario World

When Nintendo came out with their second home console, the SNES, they also released an exciting new Mario game. Super Mario World is that game. This time the game isn’t set in the Mushroom Kingdom but, instead, in Dinosaur Land … Continue reading

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Migraine Visual Aura

I guess people who have never had a migraine before don’t actually have any idea what it’s like. Of course, everybody can imagine a really, really bad headache, but, the visual side of it is a little hard to explain. … Continue reading

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Bouncy Castle

Back in 2004, when I was in Year 6 of primary school, I was given the task of watching one of the Year 1 classes for twenty minutes or so. At that time, I wasn’t quite the same build as … Continue reading

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A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

This is the novel that introduced the world to one of my all-time favourite characters: Sherlock Holmes. As with all of his stories this book takes the form of a murder mystery. The first half of the book is about … Continue reading

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Ten Things: Treasured Items

I was on David Tubb’s blog the other day and I came across this really lovely entry which has inspired me to make a post about ten items that are of significant value to me. I’d also like to say, … Continue reading

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The Best Thing About the Super Smash Bros. Series

I enjoy the Super Smash Bros. series of video games for a number of reasons: – The gameplay is very fun. – It connects lots of things together (I love that kind of thing). – There’s excellent multiplayer for two … Continue reading

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Christmas Killjoys

So now we’re about half way through November and it’s around now that the average person begins to get excited about Christmas and for people like me, who have been excited since September or earlier, to become very excited. But, … Continue reading

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Wandering Thoughts

I’ve noticed a strange tendency of mine to find myself thinking about very light-hearted and/or funny moments of my life whenever something serious happens. Let me give you a couple of examples.     Years ago I went on a school … Continue reading

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Webcam Problems

Back in 2007, I got two things for the first time: an MSN account and a webcam. I really enjoyed doing video calls with my friends and also talking to them from home because, until that point, they were people … Continue reading

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Role Model

Last night Laci Green posted a video on her Tumblr which I thought was very sad. She spoke about how she struggles with depression and how reading about horrible things that happen in the world and the rude comments that … Continue reading

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