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Mario Kart 8

I always loved the Mario Kart series – the previous games had already been pretty amazing. Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS are two games which I’ve had hundreds of hours of enjoyment with and which I continue to … Continue reading

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Touching People

Back in the past, I avoided making physical contact with people 100% of the time. It made me anxious and I did not like it. Of course, I was still forced to hug family members and so forth, but in … Continue reading

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Endless Art

There are so many books, video games, TV shows, movies and other pieces of art which I really want to consume. Honestly, with new things being produced all the time, there’s no way that I’ll be able to appreciate every … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling

This is the fifth book in the enormously popular Harry Potter series. When I read the first four, I felt like it just got better and better with each new books. I had heard that the fifth was a step … Continue reading

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A Cure for Writer’s Block

I never used to get much very much writer’s block, but since 2013, I get it quite regularly and really struggle to produce work outside of this blog and my webcomic. Thankfully, I can always overcome it every now and … Continue reading

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A Trip to Scotland

First of all, I am sorry that this was not posted on Friday (my usual update day) but I had some technical difficulties at the time – posting should be back to normal from now on. The other reason that … Continue reading

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Millions of Lives and Emotions

I recently travelled by aeroplane to Scotland (this is why this blog and my webcomic haven’t been updated in a little while, sorry) and this was my first ride on board a plane. It was quite exciting in some ways, … Continue reading

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StreetPass Fishing

The StreetPass function on the Nintendo 3DS lets you collect the Miis of any 3DS owners you happen to pass on the street. The StreetPass series of games are quite simple but very fun and are all built around the … Continue reading

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Pleasant Reflections

Something which always gives me some small level of satisfaction is when something happens which connects two entirely unrelated moments. Sometimes somebody will say or do something which reminds you of something else that a different person said or did … Continue reading

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Changing Rooms

One thing I quite like to do after work is go swimming. It’s a nice form of exercise, a good way to increase confidence and it’s also quite refreshing on especially warm summer afternoons. Just the other day I went … Continue reading

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