My friend Sophie and I recently started playing the game Ever Oasis together. By using the word “together” I don’t mean to indicate that the game is multiplayer, rather we’re just playing independently at the same time. It’s a nice experience and a new one for me; I’ve never really played a game with somebody like that before.

Anyway, that’s not the main point of today’s blog post; interesting idea though it is. Instead, I wanted to document especially heartwarming exchange which came about as a result of this joint venture through the digital world of Ever Oasis!

One of the main characters in Ever Oasis is a water elemental named Esna. The main character meets her early on and then after a short while gives them a short speech about how they believe in them and that they’re a good person. All good and uplifting stuff and, to be honest, it reminded me somewhat of Sophie, because she often tells me similarly uplifting things about myself, they also used a few similar turns of phrase.

After playing for a few minutes and getting to a point where I could happily put my 3DS down without spoiling my journey through the plot, I picked up my phone to send Sophie a message to say that Esna had reminded me of her – only to find a message saying that she felt like Esna reminded her of me. I couldn’t help but smile. A sure sign, no doubt, of a positive and supportive relationship!

I joked that Esna perfectly represents what we can achieve if we work together and support one another: a powerful elemental capable of changing the world. Sopham was the name we decided on for that concept – and a very good concept it is, because the best friendships, I feel, should be all about bringing out the best in one another. Oh, also it works on another level because Esna is water and I like Trusty Water Bottles.

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