A Post by Gordon Orson Dobson

Hello. Today’s blog post won’t be written by the usual author of this blog, instead it will be written by me: Gordon Orson Dobson! Let me introduce myself, I’m just an average guy, an average guy who’s saved the world a few times and has power close to omnipotence, that is! I don’t mean to sound boastful, but those things really are true. But mainly, I just like to wander, I’m always eager to have a nice stroll!

Anyway, I’m sure you must be wondering why I, of all people, have hijacked this, frankly rather obscure and uninteresting looking blog! I will explain why I’m writing on here in a little while; I just need you to keep reading for a little bit longer first! What do people write on blogs anyway? I suppose I should have read some of the other entries in order to get a feel for blogging. Is it like social networking? Am I supposed to start up a friendly conversation with you? How are you feeling? and what are you doing today? (all those kinds of things.)

But yes, I suppose I’ve been talking to you for long enough. First, let me explain my apparent boastfulness earlier: I just needed to make my credentials clear so that you trusted me. I mean who would you trust more? Some guy who randomly hacks blogs? Or some hero who’s saved the world before? I’m hoping you’d choose the second option.

Anyway, by writing this blog post, I’ve actually saved the world once again! My evil double (Bernard Adams Dobson) has placed an extremely powerful bomb in your brain (yes, I’m speaking directly to you if you’re reading this). These Brain Bombs were due to explode sometime today, most likely when you first became bored and they’re so powerful that they would have wiped out all life on Earth if they’d exploded. Luckily, when the Brain Bomb’s host is distracted by something strange for a short period of time, it weakens them. After the bombs had been weakened, my telling you (the host) that you had a Brain Bomb in you meant that your natural defence systems were able to deactivate the bomb. I suppose I was just lucky that the small selection of Brain Bomb hosts which Bernard chose all happened to read this blog (and so would have visited here when they became bored!) Ah well, the world is safe once again!

– Gordon Orson Dobson

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