A Video Tribute to The Waltons

Nine years ago, I saw a video by a YouTuber called BabelColour who had made a Doctor Who tribute video set to the song ‘What About Everything’ by Carbon Leaf. I think he did an excellent job. It was also my first time hearing this song – I loved it. I thought to myself “It would be great if somebody made a tribute video to The Waltons set to the same song.”

The years went by and every time I listened to the song, I imagined which clips would appear alongside which lyrics. Then, a few weeks ago, with the time on my hands that the lockdown has afforded, I thought to myself “Why don’t I have a try at making it myself?” so I did just that. I tried to encompass every aspect of the show, including clips from every season and representing all of the major characters – but there was a lot to represent! Anyway, you can watch my video below and I hope you will enjoy it:

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